The Policy of Quality, Safe Food Provision, and Environmental Protection


The Perutnina Ptuj Group is committed to the quality and safety of our products and processes and to the protection of the environment, which are the basic duties and responsibilities of all employees. The ability to make changes and improve quality is a key condition for the group's leading position in the global market. We have introduced an integrated management system, in which quality management systems, a food safety management system, and an environmental management system are combined and implemented together.

We are a consumer-oriented team of creative, motivated, and responsible employees. With our knowledge and work we produce safe, innovative, natural, and high-quality products, and meet the needs and expectations of the owner, consumers, customers, and suppliers. We provide employees with a creative work environment.

With the quality policy we have defined goals and commitments to the continuous improvement of food quality, environmental management, and customer and consumer satisfaction:

Hlev Herzog

Our goals

Quality - Safety - Traceability

We operate in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards in the fields of food safety and quality and environmental management.

We guarantee food safety and quality: we guarantee the safety and quality of raw materials, accessories, and packaging.

We reduce environmental impacts and strive for rational energy use: we plan and introduce new technologies and products in accordance with the principles of environmental protection; we responsibly manage all important environmental aspects and strive for the rational use of all energy sources.

We confirm consumer choice: we deliver the best quality of products, as expected by the consumers of our brands.

We meet the demands and expectations of consumers and other stakeholders: we provide the best services according to the expectations of consumers and other stakeholders.

We choose reliable suppliers: we guarantee the reliability of suppliers, subcontractors, and deliveries.

We guarantee quality for the best price: we improve quality and profitability and manage variations.

Our commitments

Our commitments

Commitment: The management is committed to implementing the Policy of Quality, Safe Food Provision, and Environmental Protection in the company and in all our markets.

Implementation: The management commits to the company annually achieving and measuring its goals in accordance with the Policy of Quality, Safe Food Provision, and Environmental Protection.

The involvement of all: Every employee has a defined security impact in the context of their work and tasks and product quality and environmental management.

Security: We manage the security of products and processes and successfully make changes.