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Perutnina Ptuj Group

Perutnina Ptuj Group

Perutnina Ptuj is an international group of companies with more than 3,700 employees in seven countries.

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Since 1905

We are building the future on more
than 115 years of tradition.


Responsible for tomorrow

Quality and safety of products

Quality and safety of products

We ensure the quality and safety of our products at every step, from the field to the fork.

Rejec Kegl

Responsible to employees

We create safe jobs for all employees, provide for their professional development, and promote an appropriate balance of work and family obligations.

Hlev Slatinšek

Responsible to the environment

Our environmental management system leads us to constantly reduce impacts and risks for the environment in which we operate.


Responsible to society

We cultivate partnerships with local communities and promote development, which has a positive impact on the Group's operations.

Quality - Safety - Traceability


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