Perutnina Ptuj Group in numbers


Perutnina Ptuj is an international group of companies

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with more than
3,700 employees


in 7 countries,


with 6 production plants and


3 trading companies.



We work with over

500 co-operators,

who rear broilers in their natural environment.



We sell our products in more than

20 countries worldwide

Where every day

2 million consumers enjoy them.



We are building the future on a more than

115-year tradition of operation.



We operate within the MHP Group, who is our sole owner, and is one of the leading international groups in the food processing industry, as well one of the most successful poultry meat producers in Europe.


By preparing natural, healthy, and delicious food, we follow our mission and enrich the life of modern families with the taste of nature. As responsible individuals and as a company, we have set the highest standards of quality, traceability, safety, and ecology. With a careful balance of tradition, nature, and state-of-the-art technology, we contribute to a better life for the individual, the local environment, and society as a whole.

What unites us is a commitment to perfection and our vision: to be first wherever people value natural taste, conquer with quality and uniqueness, and maintain the innovative creativity of safe and healthy eating habits.

The values we uphold in everyday work:


We are responsible to our customers, shareholders, the environment, natural resources, and relationships.


We guarantee quality by traceability and control of raw materials and all processes and components from field to fork.


We constantly create new products of high-quality, healthy, safe, and naturally prepared food. We create new dietary habits for everyday and special occasions.


We are constantly connected with our customers, suppliers, and the latest findings.


Perutnina Ptuj Group


Company Profile


Company name


Perutnina Ptuj, poultry breeding, production of feed, poultry meat and products, trade and services, d. o. o.

Short name


Perutnina Ptuj, d. o. o.



10 Potrčeva Street, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenia

Share capital


44,700,433.41 EUR

Registration Number



Tax Number



Core Business


Poultry breeding, production of feed, poultry meat and products, trade and services

Activity code


10.120 Poultry meat production



The joint representation of the company is incorporated, either all three managing directors (Enver Šišić, CEO, Yevheniy Dranov, CFO and David Visenjak, M.Sc., CCO) or Enver Šišić, CEO and Yevheniy Dranov, CFO together.

Perutnina Ptuj