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Perutnina Ptuj is the largest company in the Slovenian food processing industry

In the November issue of the magazine Glas gospodarstvam (Voice of the Economy), they prepared an overview of the 50 largest companies in 2019 in the food processing industry in Slovenia. Perutnina Ptuj proudly stands in the first place.

The scale is prepared according to the net sales revenues achieved in 2019 and with the realized 177 million net sales revenues of Perutnina Ptuj we occupy the leading position. The result is a 7.6 percent increase over the previous year. "The growth of the company contributes the most to maintaining competitiveness and we are all responsible for successful growth in the company. In today's dynamic environment, entrepreneurial behaviour alone is no longer enough, as we gain a competitive advantage in such conditions by being able to adapt quickly to market conditions, with the support of our owner. The first place on the scale is proof that we are doing well and we are on the right track," said Enver Šišić, CEO. 

In the list of Top 100 companies in terms of added value for 2019 we ranked 42nd, while our index for the previous year was as high as 119. The magazine also presented the list of the 100 largest exporters in manufacturing, where Perutnina Ptuj is in 46th place. In 2019, we sold as much as 45 percent of total sales to foreign markets. In 2019, the 100 largest exporters in manufacturing achieved higher revenues per employee, which were above the average of all companies, as well as all companies in manufacturing. They employed 40 percent of all employees and generated 60 percent of the profits of all manufacturing companies.

Source: Glas gospodarstva, november 2020

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